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Dr. Maliheh Ilkhani
Family Therapy

Dr. Mehdi Bina

Dr. Sareh Behzadipour

Dr. Farshad Sheibani
Family Therapy

Dr. Somayeh Babaei

Dr. Atefeh Soltanifar
Children and adolescents psychiatrist

Dr. Asieh Anari
Children and adolescents

Dr. Ali Asgharnejad

Dr. Mostafa Zarean
Men’s Issues

Dr. Hamidreza Rahmanian
Perinatal Psychiatrist

Dr. Saeed Imani

Dr. Mohammad Bagher Sameni

Dr. Abbas Ramezani
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Dr. Mohammadali Mazaher

Dr. Ladan Fata
Family Therapy

Dr. Mitra Shoushtari
Children and adolescents psychiatrist

Dr. Fereshte Moutabi
Family Therapy

Dr. Jafar Bolhari

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Controlled studies consistently reveal that Web-Based Psychology Therapy is an effective solution for several anxiety disorders, depression, and a number of other mental health and adjustment problems. In these studies, users provided with online therapy have had much better outcomes than those in control groups. In fact, online therapy has performed as well as the current therapy of choice, face to face therapy.

In these studies clients report the better:

  • cost-effectiveness,
  • standardization/consistency of services,
  • accessibility, and
  • privacy

After the effectiveness of Internet-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (ICBT) had already been demonstrated in several studies, these researchers sought to determine how it compared to the effectiveness of gold-standard, face-to-face Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Specifically, this investigation compared the effectiveness of ICBT and of face-to-face Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy (CBGT) in the treatment of Social Anxiety Disorder.

126 individuals suffering from social anxiety disorder were assigned to either ICBT or CBGT treatments. Their scores on the Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale (LSAS) and a number of secondary measures were compared before and after treatment was completed, and again after 6 months had passed.

At post-treatment, both groups experienced a significant improvement in their symptom ratings. There was no significant difference between the LSAS scores of the ICBT and CGBT groups. Both groups maintained their gains 6 months after treatment was completed. Both the ICBT and the CBGT were found to have clinically significant and enduring effects. The researchers indicated that they “conclude that [online] ICBT may be at least as effective as [face-to-face] CBGT.”

Still we do not have any contract with insurances, but many insurance contracts let to be paid by getting the receipt from online therapies. You can ask your insurance company, and if it is accepted we’ll send you official receipt for the amount you’ve paid.


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